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The call of Dragon


Journey or Family? Which word can describe being in Chi Ocean



I am Mir Mahmudur Rahman,an Experienced Cadet of prestigious Bangladesh Marine Academy (Partner of World Maritime University, Malmo- Sweden). My Chinese name is “成功”.Yes,“成功”!

我是Mir Mahmudur Rahman,一名有航海經驗的輪機學生,我畢業于著名的孟加拉海事學院(瑞典馬爾默世界海事大學合作伙伴)。我的中文名字叫成功。是的,成功!


Started my journey with this well organised Chi Ocean just after my passing out by becoming a part of their cadet training program in China when the Chinese ship owners started accepting Bangladeshi crews for serving on their ships. The relation became more and more stronger in these past 3 years.



第一篇章 友誼


About two years ago, I came to China with a group of Bangladesh youth with the dream of sailing.



Being in Chi Ocean is a lovely feeling where we got so many special friendsmentors, our mentorhelped us in each and every way to make us feel easy with the training program. The most interesting common thing which made us really impressed about Chinese people is their friendly behaviour specially to the foreigners. This made a special impression for us to the Chinese people. So, my mentor became a very good friend too.



One of the most important names for us is CE Zheng. In our journey how he managed everything for us being a very friendly one as well as understanding our thoughts and needs cant be described in words. All of us are really grateful to him from the core of our heart. He is like our Chinese PAPA. Outside of training timemost importantly his love towards football and playing together with him as well as discussions for the craze of football should be specially noted.


第二篇章 筑夢



Having good practice of our theoretical knowledge capable of using in practical situations and developed technology is one of the most important things done by Chi Ocean cadet training program.


Learning mandarin, Familiar with Chinese food culture and the different methods of having foods with Chinese people is another special achievement of this special program.



Became habituated with Chinese food cultures which let us to survive with good health in Chinese ocean-going ships.


These trainings helped us to gain more confidence while working onboard.


第三篇章 揚帆

Lets move on to the on-board part of my life arranged by Chi Ocean. Having lots of good memories Chi Ocean arranged ship joining in a very convenient way for us. That had been a very good experienced with the help and support of Chi Ocean family as whenever any of us faced any kind of trouble on-board we always found this well managed company beside us to solve those issues very quickly. For their supports we used to work on-board happily without any tensions.


From the moment when I got onboard vessel, I realized the benefits of Chi Ocean training


Specially for me I was habituated with Chinese foods which let me to adopt my taste-bud to survive in Chinese ships happily with Chinese foods.


Wishing Chinese people in Chinese language as well as having some small conversations in Chinese language which i learned during the Mandarin Chinese language course gave me a hand to feel more comfortable and become friendlier with the Chinese crew members. These things helped me in each and every way to cope up with them properly as well as becoming a good part of the family. The other crew members were also very astonished by finding us in such a manner.


Later it was very easy for me to learn the new Chinese words as I already had the base and familiar with the tones and various differences in this language and culture as well as made me capable to use so many words during work which made me feel comfortable to understand others needs.


For the good deeds done by Chi Ocean and their good hands towards the prosperity of Bangladeshi seafarers this company is already been well recognized by the peoples republic of Bangladesh and has been honoured several times. This also makes us feel proud to be a good part of this company.


第四篇章 港灣

In the summer of 2019, I was invited to Chi Ocean's office in Fuzhou.


Being in the Chi Ocean family is one of the happiest events of my life. What else is needed!


Having good friends around with a lovely environment specially the friendly Chinese people making me feel like my own country as well as having so many facilities from a well-developed country like China.


We work and study togethergo sports, dinner, outingtogetherspend Mid-Autumn festival, celebrate National Day. We visit customers to let more shipowners know about the Bangladeshi crew with Chi Ocean characteristics.


5. I will be back

The gathering was always brief. It's time to say goodbye, a farewell party was organized for me by Chi Ocean colleagues. They cheered: Dipto Dipto I like you!”(Dipto is my nickname. That's what friends and family call meI was touched, but I didn't cry, because I knew I would come back to the land I loved so much!

相聚總是短暫,到了說再見的時候,中洋同事為我組織了一個歡送會,他們一起歡呼:Dipto Dipto I like you!”(Dipto是我的昵稱朋友和家人都這么叫我)我很感動,但是我沒有哭,因為我知道我一定還會再回到這片我深愛的土地!


I am Mir Mahmudur Rahman an Experienced Cadet, My Chinese name is “成功”,“成功” from Chi Ocean

我是Mir Mahmudur Rahman,一名有航海經驗的輪機學生,我的中文名字叫成功。我的“成功”源自中洋

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